Campaign Accounting and Financial Management

We manage all aspects of campaign financial transactions, utilizing the latest in technology to ensure that our systems operate securely and at a tempo equal to the fast pace of elections.

Among the responsibilities we can perform:

  • Receive and vet all contributions and remote process them with our bank.
  • Issue all expenditure checks (but only sign and transmit them upon approval from the campaign’s designated expense authorizer).
  • Monitor the activity of the campaign as an extra set of eyes to make sure all business requirements, such as insurance and use tax, are met.
  • Process and manage payroll for campaign staff, including all tax and insurance requirements, hire documentation and personnel manuals.
  • Assist with budgets and cash management.
  • Guard your assets and hard earned cash.
  • Implement the accounting procedures that meet your needs, including general ledger-based financial statements, budget to actual reports, financial snapshots and accounts payable reports. Note that we reconcile cash frequently and have established systems to insure the integrity of finances, including having a second bank statement sent directly to the campaign.